My mangas & comics

Little Bird (2015) (incomplete)

Not yet finished. Will be 20 pages.

Bubbles (2015) (incomplete)

Published in Freya anthology. Buy the book to read the whole story!

Adventures of the Toiletries (2014)

Published in Home Made Comics no 15

Love is Blind (2012)

Published in GUYS anthology 2012. Warning! Contains mature content (sex)

Spider’s web (2012) (Incomplete)

Published in Swedish Comic Sin 3 (nattserier). Inspired by the song Chou by Acid Black Cherry.

Humans (2011)

Published in Comics against Racism (Optimal förlag)

Don’t cry over spilt chai-latte (2011)

A 24-hour comic I made while attending Malmö Comic school


Being a lesbian couple (2010)

Made while attending Malmö comic school


Scandinavia’s beautiful melody (2007)

Winner of Bonnier Carlsen’s contest Mangatalangen 2007 and published in a book with the same name.


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