About Elise


Elise Rosberg

Born 9 april 1990

I’m an open and positive girl with lots of experiences. I have lived in Japan for two years, attended two years of Malmö Comic school, and more. I work as a manga teacher at Kulturskolan in Malmö, and am also attending a course in bookmanship in Lund. I am also accepting freelance jobs as comic artist, manga artist and illustrator. If you want to know something specific about me that isn’t written here, write a comment and I’ll answer!

I accept freelance jobs like drawing comics, manga and illustrations. I am also accepting work as a comics, manga or Japanese teacher. Contact me at elise.rosberg(at)gmail.com for prices and schedule booking.

Born: Växjö
Raised: Älmhult -> S. Sandby -> Staffanstorp
Elementary schools: Uggleskolan, Anneroskolan, Montessoriskolan, Kunskapsskolan
High School: Cybergymnasiet Malmö, estetisk bild
University courses: Project management I (autumn 2011), Japanese I & II (autumn 2013/spring 2014), Children’s literature A (autumn 2014), Bookmanship (spring 2015- autumn 2015)
Additional university courses: Comic school of Malmö (2010 and 2013), Malmö entreprenörkurs (spring 2012)
Japanese schools: Osaka Jogakuin (2008), Intercultural institute of Japan (autumn 2012-spring 2013)
Other exams: JLPT level 2, Cambridge ESOL grade A
Favourite colour: Dark green
Favourite food: Everything except shrimps and mushrooms
Allergies: None
Civilstatus: Single
Hobbies: Drawing, sewing, internet.
Collecting: Royal Albert Moonlight Rose-porcelain. See my blog about it here!

Examples of my illustrations

See more at illustrations or my mangas. Click the pictures for bigger format.




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